Rights and Discrimination



Although many people are concerned about possible discrimination, most people from the Hepatitis community recognize that Hepatitis C will never have the stigma of segregation and discrimination of diseases such as HIV / AIDS , which unfortunately for many, started out in the eyes of public opinion , as the ” promiscuous people ‘s disease .” This was horrible, unjustified, biased and made victims of HIV / AIDS suffer two-fold, having to suffer from both the disease and discrimination.

Hepatitis has been known for many years, all as a “liver inflammation” and nothing else. For this reason, amongst many others, there is no reason to hide or to omit anything. Do not be afraid to say that you have hepatitis C. However, add that “it is a disease that is transferred only by contact with another person´s blood” – just so some are not afraid to breathe near you, etc. . . .

It is very important that Hepatitis C patients contribute so that there isn´t a growth in any potential bias towards the disease. When you hide or speak with fear, you may even inadvertently be contributing to creating or increasing a bias.

The disease is normal. It does not kill instantly, quite the contrary. It is curable. And the carrier is a victim of a health care system that did not know that the virus existed before 1992.