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Hepatitis C is one of the worst epidemics in the world today, according to the W.H.O.

There are currently 170 million people carrying the virus on the planet. But, because of the silent nature of the disease, where no obvious symptoms are manifested in the patient, the vast majority of the infected (90% of them) are still undiagnosed.

This is a very serious situation because the disease can lead to cirrhosis, complete failure of the liver and eventual death.

Although science has made great advances in medication, resulting in a possible cure rate of up to 80%, practically nothing has been done, at a global level, to start diagnosing the population that has the virus and needs to be treated.

This is the real story of 170 million people living with the virus today.

Studies have confirmed that as much as one third of all of the infected will develop cirrhosis, if untreated, with resulting the fatal consequences of it. Today, this would mean 56,6 million people.

The WHF feels that this has to change. The governments are aware that this large part of the population is infected, but they are not doing enough to either alert, diagnose or treat those suffering with Hepatitis

THE WORLD HEPATITIS FUND was launched with the primary mission of alerting these patients. For we wholeheartedly believe that they do have the right to know that they are infected, that they are ill.

And parallel to that mission is the one of promoting treatment and orientation to those patients, and helping them find a cure.

The W.H.F. will fight to bring diagnosis , treatment and relief to the other types of Hepatitis; A, B, D, E and G. The W.H.F.´s work will concentrate on fundraising and distributing those resources to promote:

public awareness
advertising campaigns
government information
independent initiatives to alert, diagnose and treat the Hepatitis sufferers

It is our intention to organize meetings, conferences, congresses, etc in order to discuss ideas , methods and initiatives to reach our goals.

The WHF also has the aim of sponsoring facilities for those suffering from Hepatitis or liver diseases, such as clinics, health centers, point of care screening centers, plus focus on helping, including sponsoring organizations engaged in the same cause.