• The Mission of the World Hepatitis Fund

    The World Hepatitis Fund exists to help the 170,000,000 Hepatitis C sufferers around the world including the 90% of this number who are unaware of their plight. It plans to bring awareness to the public, including known sufferers, those who haven´t tested for their condition yet and as a result haven´t been diagnosed, plus the public at large. The World Hepatitis Fund will promote the testing for Hepatitis C and will seek to help those diagnosed, and their families, by helping them find suitable treatment and hopefully cure them of the disease. It will help draw attention to treatment programs, dietary requirements for HEP C patients and will campaign to make public authorities and health officials more conscious of the disease. It will also endeavor to educate the public about other types of Hepatitis; A, B, D, E and G.

  • World Hepatitis Fund - Mission